Physical Readiness Test: Requirement to Become a DSS Special Agent

Before you apply for the William D. Clarke, Sr. Diplomatic Security Fellowship, be sure to read the information about the Physical Readiness Test (PRT). It’s important that you understand not only what the PRT entails, but also the reason the PRT is important.

DSS Special Agents must perform duties in the field that are physically and mentally demanding. They must be willing and able to meet these physical demands in high-stress, high threat environments.

Because Clarke DS Fellows must be prepared to enter the Foreign Service as DSS Special Agents at the end of their fellowship program, physical readiness is crucial. At the end of the fellowship, you will be required to pass the pre-employment PRT prior to receiving a final offer of employment and onboarding as a DSS Special Agent.  This is a requirement for all individuals before becoming DSS Special Agents.

If you are selected as a finalist for the Clarke DS Fellowship, you will take a baseline PRT prior to the final selection process. Your PRT test results are not included in the selection process and are not provided to the selection committee. But, taking the PRT as a finalist will give you a baseline of your current physical readiness – knowledge that you can use to be better prepared to pass the pre-employment PRT at the end of your fellowship.

Please note that the PRT standards may change in the future, and you will be required to pass the PRT that is current at the time that you are tested.

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